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Arched head forging process

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Arched head forging process

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The arched head is a type of head that is arched. The arched head is a type of boiler component in a pressure vessel. The medium frequency induction heating method is used to locally heat the tube while mechanically transmitting and bending the tube. The power can reach 120KW at the maximum, and the tubes of various sizes can be heated, the heating is fast, the power can be adjusted steplessly, the starting performance is good, and the performance is stable. Small footprint, easy to operate and maintain.

2 use of arched head

The head is an indispensable part of the pressure vessel equipment of petrochemical, atomic energy and food and pharmaceutical industries.

● The head is the end cap on the pressure vessel and is a major pressure-bearing component of the pressure vessel.

● The quality of the head is directly related to the long-term safe and reliable operation of the pressure vessel.

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